Club Announcement

  **** Courts open
Wed, June 13th 
 -Junior clinics 5:15am
- Adult Dusty Rackets clinic 7:15 pm
 -Women's doubles PM league

Tennis Announcement

Tennis courts are open

Pickleball Announcement

Pickleball courts will be available June 2018


Member Privileges
   - Members can log into BCCTC website or log into the Apple app store or Google Play store to download the
     PlayTennisConnect - Club Edition app to book courts, lessons, clinics and social events
   - Members can reserve courts (as available) up to seven days in advance
   - Members can bring in a guest ($5 fee)...3 visit limit for the same guest.  Conduct of
     guests are the responsibilty of the sponsoring member.
   - Members can rent the facility on a saturday evening  (6-9pm) for private parties
      (includes agreement and deposit)
             - Tennis only - $150
             - Pickleball only     - $100
             - Tennis and Pickleball - $200
   - Private lessons are $45 per hour
   - Clinics are $10 for group of 6; $15 for group of 4, per hour
   - Club leagues, no fees
   - No court fees

Member Policies (for full BCCTC policies, click here)
- Members may reserve courts up to 7 days in advance...only one court reservation per day (league play does not count as one of your reservations)
- Tennis members can have access to the Swim Club showers, bathrooms and snack bar.  To access the pool, you will enter as the guest of a Swim Club member at a $5 cost.
- Validitated Swim Club members will have access to tennis and pickleball courts, clubhouse, web-account and PlayTennisConnect app.
- All members are responsible for their guests
- Appropriate dress, shoes, shirts will be worn within the tennis complex
- Inappropriate dress and behavior may result in exclusion to the tennis complex and/or termination of membership. 
- Non-payment of appropriate fees will result in termination of membership
- Lessons at BCCTC may only be provided by BCCTC authorized personnel. This includes, but is not limited to, personal trainers, Pilates instructors, tennis pros, pickleball pro’s, and multisport trainers within all areas of BCCTC facilities. All teaching professionals and coaches have had a Federal background check, CPR training and go through the USTA Safe Play process for Junior USTA ‘Net Generation’ programs. All verified certified coaches on Net Generation have to be members in good standing with the USPTA. This ensures that coaches have current insurance coverage and are continuing their education requirements.


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2373 LaCresta Dr
Beavercreek, OH 45431

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